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2006 Travels November 26

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Mid 40’s today.

We had been asked to work, instead of having a day off, such was the pressure to get everything finished. That would make for a bigger pay packet next time round.

Once again, the electrician had disappeared off home to Hedland – I wondered how much it had to do with Saturday night – so there was no one here from the electrical company. The Pod 3 power points were still unfinished.

The comms company gave Spotless a demonstration of how the comms were to work. TV came in via satellite, of course, as did internet and phones. TV was cabled from the central control point to all the SPQ rooms and the wet mess.

12-01-2006 Television Dish

John and the comms man did the final check of the signal strength of the comms system and John prepared a spreadsheet to be given to Spotless – and a copy for my files too.

Resize of 12-05-2006 leaving RV1 last view

TV system receivers on the end of each SPQ donga

We handed over all the Pod 3 keys to Spotless. John and the second manager did a final Pod 3 punch list. There were still not enough bloody door locks though!

The pool company finished up here and went on to RV2.

12-01-2006 Pool Fenced

A company worker came from RV2 to do some repair work to some verandas here. There was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between the two sites now.

The bulk of the company’s workers at RV 2 had been taken out for the day, by BB, on a boat fishing trip, from Hedland. N went, but not S! Boys only….Word was that they’d had an enjoyable day. I suspected it would have been a rather boozy one! With conditions as tough as they were down there, morale boosting exercises were a good idea. That was why BB had wanted the bongo bus…..

Resize of Wait till I tell Matt

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