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2006 Travels November 7

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BB and boss lady spent the first part of the morning in the office. R drove them to the midday plane from Hedland.

Following yesterday’s accident, it was decreed that the thin grinder discs were not to be used any more and John had to go all round the site work areas, collecting them all and removing them altogether. That was after he got back from a run to the early morning plane with staff going out on leave.

The Cup sweep that John organized went well. I was somewhat pressurized in getting the food ready for the party lunch, by having the bosses in the office. I managed to drive back to Fly Camp, get the food heated up there, and drove it back to our site. It wasn’t exactly piping hot, but the men seemed happy enough with the food, so it all went ok in the end.

I took photos of the kitchen and mess, still in their finishing off stages, but before Spotless started moving stuff in.

Resize of 11-07-2006 kitchen inside 6

Food prep area

Resize of 11-07-2006 kitchen inside 8

Food storage module

Resize of 11-07-2006 kitchen inside 9

Just two of the many appliances on which I had to play hunt the serial number…

All sorts of work was going on all over the site. The site for the hard court tennis/basketball area was graded and cordoned off. So, for recreational needs there would be the court, the pool and the gym. And of course, the wet mess, if one counted drinking as recreation!

Resize of 11-08-2006 Graded Tennis Court Site 2

Would become the sports court. More of John’s tape work….

The setting up and cleaning of Pod 2 was completed. I did some more serial number collection.

The power – from the partially working main gensets – was connected to Pod 1 and the kitchen/mess, tested and found to be working. Very good! There was also power to the water treatment plant – but no water though.

Resize of 11-08-2006 Commissioning Pod B Switch Board Bob Kelly

Electricals commissioned to Pod 1

Spotless were back on site and I had to induct five new staff of theirs. And put up with them invading my space again. Talk about a sense of entitlement……

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