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2006 Travels November 6

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It was the usual busy Monday morning in the office – as HO fired up after the weekend.

The cement company was supposed to deliver concrete to us on Saturday, but it had not come. I had to phone about that. They said their girl was not at work and they couldn’t get the details! I said my boss would be even unhappier with them than he already was. They rang back and said it should be here by 11am! It was.

Had a to and fro phone conversation with the maker of the office modules about the missing air cons. He thought we were meant to supply them. I checked with HO who said it was his role. I phoned him back to say that and then batted the whole thing to HO to sort out.

Three men from Spotless arrived, and there was a large delivery of goods for Spotless – two truck loads.  A bit quick off the mark, I thought.

Resize of 11-08-2006 Spotless's Stuff

Truckloads of stuff for Spotless

John took a load of rubbish to the Hedland tip.

Resize of 11-02-2006 Surrounding country side 2

Pilbara country


My routine afternoon was interrupted when one of the men – T – was injured. An angle grinder wheel disintegrated and a piece cut into his leg – quite deeply. Well beyond my first aid skills – and equipment. I drove him over to the neighbouring Wodgina Mine, where the paramedic stitched and dressed it. The lad was admirably stoic. I waited outside the first aid room. It took a while. Back at the site, T decided he would go back to work!

I then had to write up an Incident Report for HO.

John and R decided that we would have a little Melbourne Cup Day party tomorrow. John would run a sweep on the race. Whilst in Hedland, he did a shop for food and drink supplies – spent about $220. The plan was that the men would stop work, listen to the Cup broadcast, have finger foods and soft drink, then resume work. It was assumed by both men that I would somehow organize the preparation of the food! The logistics of trying to heat up cocktail frankfurts and party pies and the like  with only one small and feeble microwave oven would be a challenge…..

Back at camp, I managed to sweet talk the cooks into letting me use their kitchen facilities tomorrow.

Resize of 11-02-2006 fly camp 2

Fly Camp at night

Got some more serial numbers from Pod 2 done.

BB and boss lady arrived at Fly Camp well after tea. They had tried to come all the way on the BHP Rail Access road and somehow gotten lost.

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