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2006 Travels November 8

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Temperature back into the low 40’s.

Spotless had started their move into the camp, whether we liked it or not! They were moving gear into the kitchen and office, and doing their setting up and cleaning in Pod 1 – making up beds, hanging shower curtains and the like. Because there were no comms to the office  yet, they were invading my space and using my office phone heaps – spreading their stuff all over the desk and tables. This was very pushy on their part, and made it hard for me to do my work, which relied so much on the phone.

Resize of 11-08-2006 Spotless unpacking

Spotless manager organizing gear

Resize of 11-08-2006 Spotless unpacking on Pod B

Spotless bedroom gear being unpacked for Pod 1

I finished Pod 2 serial numbers.

One of the old refrigerated units that had been brought from Alice Springs to be extra cool storage for the kitchen, was not working.

Resize of 11-08-2006 P1000512 cool units on end kitchen

Additional coolroom units at end of kitchen

The mechanic came out from Hedland to fix the bobcat, which had stopped working. They said the problem could not be fixed out here and the whole machine would have to be taken into Hedland for repair. Problem, because it was so heavily relied upon here.

Brickie arrived with a module for RV2, from Darwin, and gear in it for us, so that had to be unpacked. He then took the prime mover into Hedland for a service, and so he could go to the doctor there for some sort of sore arm problem. He booked himself into accommodation there for two nights.

We needed some steel here, to be fetched from Hedland. So R had to drive to RV2, pick up the other company semi that was there, and take it into Hedland for the metal. Once again, Brickie had stuffed up R’s schedule.

John went twice to Hedland – to the tip with the Acco truck, then a trip with the bongo bus to pick up three more new workers from the plane. Tomorrow someone would drive them to RV2 to work.

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