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2006 Travels November 2

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Resize of 11-02-2006 sunrise

Sunrise at Fly Camp

John was put up on the forklift to take aerial photos of progress to send to HO. The scale of the place was such that this was the only way to obtain a clear idea of progress.

Resize of 11-02-2006 tower view 6

Infrastructure being established – water plant, gensets near it, sewer plant centre rear

Resize of 11-02-2006 wendy from tower

Watching John on high

8 more dongas were moved south.

Resize of 11-01-2006 lay down area 3

Loading up with buildings for RV2

S and I had a discussion, requested by HO, about Xmas and timing in relation to workers flying out for their break over that time. She intimated that she and N might not want to return after the Xmas break for the rest of the RV2 project. I thought she was finding the conditions hard – and having to do the cleaning work. She certainly did not like having to associate with some of the men – I didn’t blame her there! I said that we could fly back and do the last few weeks, if necessary, as long as we  (a) were  home for Xmas, and (b) got the van out before any cyclones. We would not be prepared to leave it here over the holiday break! So, she now knew all that and could use it in any discussions she night have with her friend, boss lady. However, I did think that N was quite keen to come back though  – think he was finding the work interesting. I wondered who would prevail. He had been sent to RV2 to help down there all day but had to come back at night, partly due to room shortages down there and partly because there was no way S would stay alone here at night.

I had to send an email to HO for John. He had discovered that the meter on the FMG provided fuel tank at the Fly Camp was very inaccurate – like out by 80 litres in 200, and not in our favour. Since the company was being charged for fuel used for its vehicles – and ours – this must be addressed.

The quote came in from the fencing people and I forwarded that to HO. I also had to organize a quote from a fire safety service company – the only one in this part of the Pilbara – to come out and check and tag the fire extinguishers that were on each of the buildings, in the kitchen and around the place in general. That was a lot of fire extinguishers! By regulation, it had to be done. They would also need to supply more of same.

My son phoned about 5pm. Was great to hear from him. They had just bought my grand daughter her first school uniforms for next year – she was growing up fast.

Resize of 10-26-2006 Pilbara light

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