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2006 Travels November 3

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A Port Hedland company was sub contractor for all the electrical installations and they’d had a couple of men working on site since the start of October. Today they were working on the kitchen/mess electricals. The generator company could make no further progress on their installations and hook ups because no switchboard had arrived yet. But, apparently, it would not be long before the place was powered up.

A big event today was the final connecting up of the bore. A genset was put up there for power and…… – it pumped 17,000 litres of water today. At last!

Resize of 11-02-2006 tower view 8

Camp water came from bore, several kms to east of here – that way………

Veranda construction had now moved to Pod 3. The cleaning, setting up and making of the “punch list” of things to be rectified had now moved to Pod 2. Cement block steps were being placed outside each room door in Pod 1. So that was what all those cement blocks were for!

On the quiet, H drove a load of rubbish to the Hedland tip, in the Acco. There was no charge, because the tip people didn’t know what to charge! They would work it out before the next lot.

The unpacking of Pods 2 and 3 was creating massive amounts of extra rubbish. The mattresses and bed bases came wrapped in plastic, fridges in packing, likewise the air-con sections, venetian blinds for each room, and so on. Huge amounts of cardboard and plastic.

Four modules arrived that would form the site administration office for Spotless, and were put into place, close to the end of the kitchen building. Being brand new, they would not need repairs, painting or the like. It seemed that there were no air conditioners supplied with these, so there was some discussion with HO about this.

John had a Hedland trip.

Resize of 11-07-2006 john's safety mesh

John had been at work, putting up safety mesh

Eight more modules were moved south to RV2.

I was instructed to fax off acceptance of the fencing quote. And to order some more fire extinguishers.

A sudden whirly in the afternoon knocked over and damaged the laser level that was being used on site. It threw sheets of roofing iron around the place. Bit dangerous, those whirly things.

N and S had their day off. They went exploring and later told us about a lovely pool on a river, south or east of here. They were a bit vague. Their photos looked great and I resolved to try to find it on a day off, soon.

Fly Camp meals had been deteriorating, since there had been a change of staff a week ago. Tonight’s meal was a tasteless assortment of stews, with rice.


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