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2006 Travels November 1

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High 30’s and humid.

I had to phone the council in Hedland to find out where the tip was, and what their charges for use were.

The South Point Camp was full. R was having to juggle when people went down there to work, because of lack of rooms. BB and wife were expected to be there on Sunday. They would have to sleep in the room set aside for N and S down there.

Resize of 11-01-2006 RV1 site office

My site office. Ice machine in temporary use for our staff – filled from cooler bottles!

John went into Hedland. He measured how far it was from here to the tip – information we would need to work out the extra charges to be levied for having to take site rubbish to the tip. It was 106.6kms. Thus, a 213.2km round trip, each time. I didn’t know what the company would charge for the use of a vehicle, plus driver (probably John!) time, but it was not going to be a cheap exercise. Would have been so much easier all round if the rubbish could have been dealt with on site.

Seemed there were some problems in the Darwin Office, and the way the guy who was filling in for R, was running it. Just something else to worry R.

No buildings were moved from here to RV2 today – the drivers had a day off.

Resize of 11-02-2006 in site office RV1 with rob mills

The team…….


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