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2006 Travels October 31

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Yesterday’s rain had cooled things down and today was only about 37, but it was really humid.

It seemed that R was under a lot of pressure from home, with his wife regularly on the phone, and often upset. With the pressure he was under here, he certainly needed support from home, not this.

The ground was still muddy today. There was some more rain in the afternoon, but not as much as yesterday.

John had a Hedland trip – had to take BB’s  Landcruiser tyres to be fixed, and the Acco wheel. He took BB to the plane – the Landcruiser was to be left here, as BB would be back soon, with wife.

I had to phone the fencing company and get a price for them to install a fence around the loading dock end of the kitchen – chain mesh, 1.8m high, 120 m around and with a set of vehicle gates. There was to be one for each Village – ours to be built by the end of November, RV2’s by mid December. Hmmm – that gave me an idea of the relative stage the latter was at, compared to our site.

Another 8 buildings were moved to RV2.

The fence around the bore was completed.

Resize of 10-31-2006 Fenced Bore

A serious fence around the bore

R’s weekly Milestone Progress Report showed that Pod 1 was 99% complete, Pod 2 95%, Pod 3 60%, kitchen 95%, other huts 40%, inground services 95% complete. It was amazing what had been accomplished in six weeks. At the same time, I thought that there must still be a lot to be done that I was not aware of, or else we might be finishing up here sooner than I thought.

Resize of 10-26-2006 P1000420 in laundry

Inside one of the laundries, after installation, before cleaning. There were two laundry dongas in the centre of each accommodation pod – 6 in all – equipped with rows of washers and driers. Dirty work, building a railway……..


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