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2006 Travels October 14

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Tomorrow, R would be driving to Broome, then flying to Darwin on Monday. He planned to be back late on Friday. He certainly needed a break from site – he was getting increasingly hassled, and his wife’s seeming inability to cope alone did not help. He was often back at his office, after tea at night, doing stuff related to her business.

With R away, P would be in charge of the sites.

The cementers moved to RV2. Good riddance! With them no longer working on this site, we did not need any more loads of water from Wodgina Mine, so I could complete the Variation Order related to that and get it off to HO.

Resize of 10-13-2006 RV 2 plant incoming Picture6

Moving the cement plant

I am sure that HO thought that  giving us a break – unpaid – was doing us a favour. I just hoped that S did not mess up the computer files and workings!

Resize of 10-14-2006 Fly camp sunset again 2

Another glorious Pilbara sunset

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