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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2006 Travels October 13

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There were all sorts of bits and pieces to do today, plus continuing to try to acquaint S with the routines and the specialized language.

I was actually feeling now that S was a bit of a ditz. God knows, my admin and computer skills are those of an amateur, but she was not even up to my standard! And yet she had run her own business in Alice Springs. Any time she got a chance at the computer, she was spending most of the time emailing her friend, BB’s wife.

John had a trip into Hedland, taking N to show him the routines and introduce him to the various suppliers he had cultivated.

Resize of 10-15-2006 View from access track 3

Looking west from the access track

I phoned and had no trouble getting us a cabin at Eighty Mile Beach, at this time of year.

Virtually all the services were now in the ground at RV1, and more buildings going into place. The cementers were packing up – hooray!

I booked R into a motel room in Broome for tomorrow night.

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