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2006 Travels October 6

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John had a Hedland trip today. He took in the two wheels with damaged tyres and bought new tyres. This is not the sort of country to be driving about in without at least one functioning spare – as was obvious from our mishaps.

I sorted future leave dates for some of the men and did Travel Authorization forms. Faxed a Progress Report on Milestone 1 for RV2 to HO. Started to set up a Documents Register for RV2 but didn’t like my chances of K keeping the relevant documents needed in any sort of systematic way – or at all!

Yesterday, on the site here, the men started work on putting up the frames for the verandah roofs that would extend along the front of each SPQ donga. That solved the mystery, for me, of why we had great heaps of roofing iron from Stratco, stacked up; since the buildings were all pre-fab ones, I hadn’t been able to figure out why we needed that. Slowly, the jigsaw pieces were falling into place.

Resize of 10-07-2006 08-32-40_0014

That’s what all that steel was for……

I was certainly still on a steep learning trajectory.

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