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2006 Travels October 7

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Now that I’d been down there, finally managed to get a mud map of the directions to RV2 drawn and printed out to be sent to transport companies and subbies.

While verandah framing was happening on the fronts of the SPQ’s in place on Pods 1 and 2, work had started at their backs, installing the plumbing  pipe work, air cons and  hot water services. The verandah work was being done by company employees, the plumbing by subbies.

Resize of 10-07-2006 Plumbers at Work

There was an enormous amount of this work to be done by these two men……..

One of John’s many jobs had become to try to keep accurate records of what plant was on both sites, and when any piece of machinery needs servicing. It then fell to me to arrange for same with mechanics from Hedland. It was no use leaving the plant record to me – I couldn’t tell a fork lift from a bulldozer! Unless maybe they were colour coded? It was quite costly getting mechanics out to the sites to do the necessary upkeep – but such things were not exactly able to be taken into town to them!

K went on his week’s break, from RV2. P had been sent down there to run that site for the week, and R would run this one.

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