This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2006 Travels August 28 – 30

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The days were spent just hanging about, waiting.

John slept in, played computer games. I read, walked, went swimming, sewed.

The highlight of our days was happy hour, sitting outside, watching the antics of the neighbouring peacocks – especially their nightly ritual of settling into the trees, with much jockeying for position, and trying out different trees and perches. It was surprisingly entertaining!

Resize of 09-06-2006 Howard springs caravan park

Plenty of shade and privacy here

We drove into Darwin one day. I wanted to go to Spotlight to get some materials for my Hardanger embroidery. At Casuarina, we browsed the shops and I bought a couple of computer books – on Windows and Excel, having decided that I really should update my computer skills, anyway. At Berrimah, John bought some work shorts, in anticipation of mango shed work.

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