This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2006 Travels August 24 – 27

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I was awake and up before John, which was normal when we were not working. I did a 30 minute walk, while it was still relatively cool – down the road from the park. It was interesting, looking at the array of homes on acreage in that area.

Later, we drove to Palmerston to do a food shop.

Refuelled at Coolalinga – $1.36cpl.

Later in the afternoon, I had a swim for half an hour, and sat in the spa for a while.


I walked in the morning, again.

Later, we drove to Humpty Doo to have a look around. We cruised about, trying to find the mango shed we’d be working at, but couldn’t be sure which one it was. The town centre was small, with the planned type of layout typical of these purpose built fairly recent settlements.

I went to the Taminmin Library, which was part of the school. It felt rather strange to be going into the school, to go to the library. I was still a member there, from last year, when they used to send me boxes of books. So I was able to borrow some books to take back to the van. That would give me something to occupy the waiting time.

That night, phoned Adels and talked to the boss and our friends V and F. It had turned out to be a reasonable tourist season, after a very late start. V and F were about to leave, heading for Central Australia to be tourists before heading home to Griffith.


I walked to the shops a block or so up the road from the caravan park, and got the weekend papers.

I read these, lazed about, had a swim. John spent time on his laptop.


We drove into Darwin in the morning, to go to bowls.

John did not do well, again. I certainly hoped  his yellow bowls were better on the synthetic surfaces at home than they were on the grass up here!

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