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2006 Travels August 28 – 30


The days were spent just hanging about, waiting.

John slept in, played computer games. I read, walked, went swimming, sewed.

The highlight of our days was happy hour, sitting outside, watching the antics of the neighbouring peacocks – especially their nightly ritual of settling into the trees, with much jockeying for position, and trying out different trees and perches. It was surprisingly entertaining!

Resize of 09-06-2006 Howard springs caravan park

Plenty of shade and privacy here

We drove into Darwin one day. I wanted to go to Spotlight to get some materials for my Hardanger embroidery. At Casuarina, we browsed the shops and I bought a couple of computer books – on Windows and Excel, having decided that I really should update my computer skills, anyway. At Berrimah, John bought some work shorts, in anticipation of mango shed work.

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2006 Travels August 22


Departed the great park at Hidden Valley and moved to the Howard Springs Big 4 Caravan Park.

We were installed on a site for longer term stayers – in anticipation of mango work. There was no en-suite on this site, of course, but it was quite large and fairly well shaded. Our outlook was to the rural land next door – complete with lots of ibis, and peacocks.

We would pay $24 a night, for the first 4 weeks, no discounts, then after that, $90 a week, plus our power use. That would be much more economic than Hidden Valley.

It seemed very quiet here, after being in Darwin. Very little traffic noise, whereas we had gotten used to the background of traffic noise where we had been. No air force exercises over head, either!

This was quite a large and attractive park, with a long area extending to the back, which would no doubt be fairly well occupied at the height of the tourist season, but which did not contain many guests now. It made a pleasant enough area for walking exercise, if I did not feel like venturing out onto the local footpaths or road verges.

If the mango work came through, this would be very convenient.

The park had a very nice swimming pool and spa. After setting up, we indulged here. It was John’s idea – I was surprised as he was not usually into pool use. The weather was now getting hot.

M phoned at night. She was still at Elsey NP. I told her we had not heard anything about the WA work. She said she was going slowly, thinking we might change our minds and catch up with her, or hear that WA was a no go and decide to head for home. I wish!

Resize of 08-22-2006 to hs

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2006 Travels August 21


It was a quiet day for us. It felt really strange without M about.

We spent time packing up our camp and getting ready to move out tomorrow.

We had decided to move out to the caravan park at Howard Springs – closer to where the mango work would happen, if we were still going to do that. It would also be a less costly place to stay.

Resize of 08-22-2006 Hidden valley caravan park

Packing up at Hidden Valley

Basically, we were just waiting around to hear about the construction camp job – or the mango one. That manager, R, had been so vague that we really did not know what might be happening there. Had the impression that whatever was holding up access to the site might  prevent the job happening at all. The uncertainty was quite frustrating. I was quietly hoping – hard – that the construction job did not happen at all.

We collected a batch of mail from home from the PO at Berrimah, where we’d asked for it to be sent. Nothing untoward there.

M phoned, at night. She was at Elsey National Park, at Mataranka. She had intended to stay last night at Umberata Gorge, but when she got there, did not like it, so had moved on to Pine Creek for that night.