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2006 Travels May 19

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M started work today. Her jobs would  be housekeeping when the safari tents had been used, general cleaning about the place, helping with setting up for the bus buffet lunches, and clean up after. She would work 7.30am to around 4pm, with a half hour for lunch.

Resize of 06-14-2006 23 Monsoon safari camp

Safari Camp tent

I suspected that it suited the establishment more, to have M here as a full time worker, rather than the previous part-timer, whose hours were dictated by the needs of young children.

M was to take over the toilet cleaning and frog removal morning duty from John.

It was very pleasant to have our happy hour after work, with the three of us sitting outside the van, with our beers, mulling over the events of the day. We would  watch the large mobs of fruit bats fly out of the trees, at dusk, to commence their night feeding, against the backdrop of often brilliant sunsets. The little creek would burble away in the background.

Resize of 06-21-2006 08 Our camp from Monsoon creek walk

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