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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2006 Travels May 20-22

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Usual work days.

The weekend was busy, again, especially Saturday, when I did not finish until 6.45pm, and John 6.30.

M settled in quickly and well. She was such a good worker. I gave her a couple of my aprons to use.

Monday was exceptionally busy – as much as at the weekend.

Boss had said we could have a three day break. On Monday, I suspected he may be regretting that – although he would be away too and other boss coping with the cafe.

We thought this generosity may have been a money saving exercise? Or maybe he was just trying to be nice and make sure we did not over work? With that man, it was hard to tell.

Resize of 05-16-2006 05 Turkey bush Litchfield

Turkey Bush Litchfield

The cafe was part of the WOOFER scheme, so we had a regular procession of young Europeans coming, to work a few hours a day, in return for keep. They were accommodated in a tent in the safari camp area, and scavenged for food like we did – although their duties usually included helping out in the cafe in the evening, serving and waiting food – so they got fed an evening meal, when there were dinner guests. Some only stayed a couple of days, departing when they thought they were expected to do too much, or when the boss was unpleasant to them. Right now, we had a lad in his early 20’s – called French John, to distinguish him from “my” John.

Resize of 05-16-2006 01 Leaf study Litchfield

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