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2005 Travels August 20

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Worked 6.30am to 9.30pm.

Usual breakfasts – but cooked bacon and eggs for the two men.

The two tour ladies decided to stay an extra night, instead of leaving today.

O planned to have the guests out for a full day. The two men would be out doing their investigations. So I packed sandwich lunches for all, and well as goodies for two smokos to go too.

Resize of 08-30-2005 26 Croc Hole 5

I was able to have a fairly well paced day, with no guests in camp – as well as a leisurely shower! Had to do a run up to the house to collect foods from the freezer.

Defrosted French sticks from the freezer and turned them into garlic bread for tea. Made a mango cheesecake, coleslaw and a pineapple salad.

Tea was chilled zucchini soup with garlic bread. There were BBQ’d sausages and meat patties that I’d made earlier, two-potato chippies baked in the oven, the salads, with the cheesecake to follow.

The camp fire session finished a bit earlier tonight.

Resize of 08-27-2005 10 August Sunset 7

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