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2005 Travels August 19

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Worked 6.30am till 10.30pm.

I set out the usual breakfast arrangements. No one wanted cooked food, so I was pleased. The group was all out for morning smoko, so I sent out with them Anzac biscuits, coffee and fruit cakes, and muesli bars.

Resize of 08-08-2005 19 Bathtub Springs 4

Mail plane day – A and W dealt with that. A brought my supplies down to camp.

After cleaning up from breakfast, I made a batch of Cornies biscuits, a bean salad, a batch of orange and poppyseed muffins, and prepared salad and meat lunch plates, using cold roast beef and tinned ham as the meats.

As the weather was hotting up, I thought the guests would need somewhat lighter meals than earlier in the season. I followed the salad plates with melon slices and the usual apple/orange offerings.

The group came back for a later lunch. On such days, I prepared a lunch plate for O too, though sometimes he would just drop the guests off and go back to the house – for a break?

Today, after lunch, he had to take the two men out to look at possible Leichhardt localities. They took their own vehicle, following the way he led them. He trusted them to be able to find their own way back, when ready. The other four guests had a lazy afternoon at camp, some of it spent sitting in the creek.

Resize of 08-02-2005 02 aerial pic safari camp

The oasis of the camp

Late in the afternoon, O returned and collected them, plus nibbles and eskies of drinks that I had prepared during the afternoon, to go to the Escarpment for pre-dinner drinks and to watch the sunset.

Through the afternoon, I finalized the soup by adding cream, prepared steaks with peppercorns, prepped potatoes, made a green salad, made a fruit salad, whipped cream. Made curried zucchini soup.

When I knew in advance that O planned an Escarpment sunset watch, with consequent late dinner time, the meal and its timing could be adjusted to suit. But it was not easy when he made such a decision at the last minute, as sometimes happened, and something was cooking for dinner that would not be enhanced by cooking for an extra hour, or more!

Tonight’s dinner was chilled carrot soup with heated pre-bake rolls (I had a couple of packs in the freezer); brandy pepper steaks, baked potato with sour cream, green salad, followed by fresh fruit salad and cream.

There was another late camp fire session. John and I were finding talking to the journalist really interesting, given John’s link to the Leichhardt saga.

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