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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels August 18

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Worked 7am to 10.30pm.

The couple arrived early, having flown in. So morning tea was needed after their arrival – just a defrosted coffee cake from the freezer, and a batch of freshly made scones.

After they were settled in, O took them off sightseeing.

Resize of 08-08-2005 20 Bathtub Springs 5

Through the morning, I hard boiled eggs, made potato salad, made the aforementioned scones, marinated chunks of beef for tonight’s roast, cooked a batch of Anzac biscuits. Made up four plates of salad and cold meats for lunch, using defrosted cooked chicken breasts, from freezer, and tinned ham.

We  settled in the tour two, who drove in and arrived late morning.

There was a rather funny event whilst John was showing them around the camp. They were really hot, so waded into the camp creek, to cool off a bit, without first asking if that was alright – which, of course, it normally would be.  One of the women was about knee deep, when John said in a very loud and stern voice: “Get out of the creek, NOW”. She turned to look at him, and he repeated it. She waded out, clearly wondering what she had done wrong – whereupon, John pointed out the large black headed python that was swimming up to where she had been. He hadn’t wanted to scare her, in the water in case she panicked and froze. She forgave him!

Resize of 06-18-2005 14 Camp Creek Walk 8

Pool where the python was swimming

Served lunch. Organized afternoon smokos to go out with O and the guests for another round of sight seeing. Cleaned up from lunch. Made pannacottas and a batch of carrot soup.

I put the meat on to roast at 2pm. It always needed long, slow, roasting to tenderize it as much as possible. Made Yorkshire Pudding batter. Prepared the vegies and put them on to cook at 5pm.

Set up the dining tent for seven. O would eat with the guests.

The journalist men arrived, in their own vehicle,  and John settled them in.

Resize of 08-08-2005 42 Bathtub Springs 26

I prepared the usual array of pre-dinner nibbles.

Served tea of roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding muffins, roast onions, potatoes, pumpkin, peas and gravy, followed by pannacottas with berry sauce. Coffee and cheeses were had around the camp fire.

With three diverse groups, previously unknown to each other, conversation was lively and interesting.


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