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2005 Travels August 17

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When John was going up to do the watering, this morning, on the track to the camp he came across a huge mound of poo. It was not far from our camp. It had to belong to one of the few wild buffalo that are still about on the property. There had been some crashing noises across the creek, and around outside the camp fenced area, some nights of late. We had assumed they were from cattle.

Resize of 08-17-2005 01 Buffalo Shit

John had taken the top off the fairly newly minted heap of dung, with the Troopy,  before he realized what it was. He then came and got me to go have a look. We put a bucket by it, for size comparison purposes, before taking a photo.

Resize of 08-17-2005 02 Buffalo Shit Size Comparison

I definitely did not want to meet its source, out and about!

I put in the order for the next supply truck, which should come about the 26th. Doing the order properly was a really big job that used up a whole day to prepare, put onto the computer, email and fax.

It was a fair sized order – while since we’d had a supply truck. I needed to top up quite a lot of the camp supplies, like salad dressings, coffee bags, nuts, cereals, cheeses. Ordered some chicken breasts, pork strips, pork chops, for some meat variety for us.

I spent what was left of the day getting ready for guests, again.

Did a thorough clean of the toilets and showers, checked tents. There was more trekking back and forth between house and camp with cold and frozen goods.

Cooked a fruit cake.

We were expecting a couple  in, and a mother and daughter from a north Qld helicopter firm, who would be sussing out a possible heli tour offering, involving Adels and us. As well, there would be two men, one a journalist with the Brisbane Courier Mail, who was trying to follow the route of Leichhardt’s Expedition, cross checking on the ground to references in Leichhardt’s Journal, and writing about it for the paper. His companion was driver/photographer.

Resize of 08-16-2005 04 Bathtub Springs

Areas like this swamp would have been an obstacle to explorers

I had to use four tents for these guests, then ensure a quick turn around on one because there were two Japanese fishermen following hot on their heels.

It would all be another burst of activity and late nights!

Resize of 07-23-2005 10 creek Ringos Song 4

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