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2005 Travels August 21

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Usual breakfasts. No cooked component.

The guests departed through the morning.

Their comments in the guest book:

* A heavenly haven. Thank you for a great explore of your station.

* Thanks for a wonderful stay. Fantastic experience.

Resize of 08-13-2005 05 Airstrip

I did a little cleaning up of the camp. Stripped sheets from a couple of tents, did the washing, made them up fresh, for guests due in tomorrow. Closed up the other tents until I had time to tackle those.

A and W were to leave tomorrow, so I made a farewell tea at camp and we all ate together. Made Asian style fish, from a big queenfish that had been in the freezer, French fries, salads, with a trifle to follow.

Their little dog, despite my early fears, had survived and thrived, without being eaten by a python or a dingo. Though I wasn’t sure that she would ever return to her white colour again! She had changed a lot, from the clean and clipped pampered pooch. She seemed to have become an honorary dingo, at least around the house area, though A kept a close eye on her and she did not go off wandering with them. I think she had a ball!

Resize of 08-20-2005 a and w dog

W would leave much of the machinery in much better order than when he came, though there was always more to do, and he would be missed about the place.

Resize of 09-10-2005 31 Hilux RIP

O would have his house all to himself again, which we hoped might make him seem happier than he had of late. I think when one was used to solitude for much of the time, the regular presence of even pleasant and easy going people became wearing.


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