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2005 Travels August 5

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There was no trace of any morning fog. Funny about that!

I did the usual breakfast. No one wanted cooked food.

After breakfast, O’s friends left. I sent them off with some morning tea supplies.

Their comments in the guest book read:

* Well done, O. Great spot, great hospitality, finally made it.

*Top spot. Lovely people.

It was mail plane day. A and W dealt with that, and A brought down the camp items that were in the plane order.

John was able to spend some time in the vegie garden, which had been somewhat neglected in recent time.

I made lunch for the survey group. They seemed quite happy to have cold meats and salad plates again.

A couple of campers came in to tent camp. John escorted them to the Squeaky Trees site and did the usual information session with them.

I made an eggplant moussaka for the survey men’s  tea tonight. I was starting to scratch the head a bit for fresh ideas for them – and for ingredients! The meat supply up at the house was getting a bit low. It had been a while since O had killed a beast. This week had been another deadline for the fortnightly supply truck from Mt Isa, but I had not put in an order. O had indicated that he did not want to be tied to being here for that next truck arrival, and would not countenance one of us, or W, going out for it. The lovely lady who put together the “Country Orders” at Woolworths had actually phoned to check if we had an order – such a great service.

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