This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels August 4

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We worked 6.30am till 9.30pm.

O left very early. We heard the engine noise of the Jabiru departing.

No one wanted cooked breakfasts, just the usual cereals and toast.

I made sandwiches, the usual sort of smoko and extra lunch items, to go out with John and the visitors.

Made up a batch of carrot and ginger soup to chill for tea. Made bread rolls. Made a coleslaw and fruit salad.

I fed the survey men cold meats and salads for lunch, including leftover cold roast beef.

After some sight seeing about the place, John took the guests fishing, in the boat on the Bluff Waterhole. They had no luck with the fish.

Resize of 08-08-2005 28 Bathtub Springs 13

Calvert River water hole

Tea was the soup and rolls, BBQ’d sausages and rissoles and corn cobs, fried onions, the coleslaw, green salad, followed by the fruit salad and cream.

We spent some time sitting round the campfire after tea, with the two men, chatting, but they did not stay up too late, for which we were grateful. In O’s absence, the onus for socializing with the guests fell to us.

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