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2005 Travels August 6

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The survey men left, after breakfast. They had been great guests – so easy to look after.

Resize of 08-03-2005 08 fugro and clouds.JPG

We had found some times to talk to them about their work – most interesting. The helicopter pilot was obviously very experienced. He was on contract to the survey company. He also did work on water bombing bushfires, and search and rescue.

They had not used up all of their avgas drums – a bonus for the property, because they were left behind.

I spent the rest of the day starting the clean up in the kitchen, ferrying stuff up to the house fridges, and turning off the camp ones. It was only a few days before we would need them again, but it would be nice to have daytime peace again, without the generator going.

With this long run of guests we’d had, A and W had benefitted from meal leftovers going up to the house for them. The dings had also gotten a lot of scraps!

It was so very nice, in this late afternoon, to have a happy hour again – just the two of us – sitting out in Cane Toad Clearing. The dings graced us with their presence – all three of them. Beau even left the babies to come and visit – briefly. She then went back to the house and mother duties, but Scunge and Lachy spent the night with us, curled up around the little warmth given out by the solar light we had in the clearing. Nice to have them! It was a bit like they were welcoming normality again.

Resize of 08-05-2005 01 Bit Close Ding.JPG

Lachy investigating John’s beer; Beau taking a break from babies; Scunge frowing as usual

Resize of 08-05-2005 05 Ding Double Bed 2.JPG

It was also great to be able to have a good long shower, without having to rush in and out between guest presences in camp, and amongst all the work. I luxuriated in it.

I was soooo tired!



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