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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels July 5

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Did the usual morning watering. That took up quite a chunk of the morning.

I worked on finalizing the next truck order, and faxed that off to Woolworths and the greengrocer. That truck would load on 11/12 July. The Woolworths order only ran to a page and a bit, this time, much of it for the house. We ordered chicken fillets, whole chickens, pork ribs, lamb chops – again! Hopefully, they would not be missed from the order, this time. Forty rolls of toilet paper was not a quantity that featured in my normal shopping at home!

The greengrocery order was a substantial one. It included seven dozen eggs, 5 kg tomatoes, 4 lettuces, 3kg carrots, 24 oranges, 28 apples, 14 grapefruit, 16 bananas, and smaller quantities of lots of fruits and vegies.

After all that was done, we kept to ourselves down at the camp, pottering about.

Resize of 07-03-2005 01 Cane Toad Camp Back View.JPG

Our van in Cane Toad Clearing. The dead treethat John chopped down on arrival. Styrene containers in which I was trying to grow herbs.


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