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2005 Travels July 4

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With O away, W and A were holding the fort at the house, answering the phone and the like. We still had to do the daily watering up there, though.

Resize of 09-10-2005 14 Owen's House 13

Kitchen and living area at the house. Mail bag on hook.


There was still plenty of mechanical repair work to keep W busy.

I went to the office and faxed the weekly order to Tennant Creek, for the mail plane – which was due to come a day earlier this week. Most of the items were for A at the house – sliced bread, long life milk, cheese, saveloys, cornflakes, envelopes. I ordered some celery and bananas.

Late in the morning there was an email from A – some guests would be coming in early next week. So I had to fax a supplementary order for the plane: cream, tinned chick peas, fruit and salad makings.

I did some more tidying up work in the kitchen and general cleaning.

Just for interest, I checked the sunrise and sunset times: sunrise was 7.19am. Sunset was 6.28pm. So we were getting 11 hours and 9 minutes of daylight.

Resize of 07-03-2005 02 Livistonia Palm.JPG

Some type of palm, growing in really stony ground





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