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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels July 6

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John went to the little generator shed, near our van, to check the oil. He was none too happy to find a shed snake skin in there! It was clearly a nice, warm place for a reptile to go hide for a while – though it was not too long since the generator was in daily use! It was a fairly small skin, which was one consolation. It was a reminder to John to be cautious in approaching the shed.

He fired up the generator to chill the fridges. A guest was expected tomorrow afternoon. He was checking out the access track in advance of a mining helicopter survey party that was booked to come in later in the month, and stay at the safari camp for a while. They would need avgas and so needed to see if a truck with same could get in.

I got a tent checked out and finalized for the guest. Made a date loaf.

Resize of 06-18-2005 03 Pandanus.JPG


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