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2005 Travels June 13

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It was all systems go, getting the place ready for A’s visit.

W was working flat out, trying to get the Billy Cart vehicle operational.

O was building a second toilet at the Safari Camp – one would not really be adequate for twelve or so guests! He made a wooden platform floor from some of the milled timber – thick stuff – bolted to a steel floor framework. I think he was hoping it would stand up to cyclones and floods, so it was raised up on a mound, with a ramp going up to it. Walls were constructed  from mud bricks, produced from somewhere up at his house. The roof was a tarp. He even conjured up another toilet bowl and cistern! A hole was dig at the back for the pipe to lead into, and then covered over. He did not have a proper hand basin available, so rigged up a tin dish with hose and tap, on the little deck in front of the structure. It turned out to be quite a handsome looking little structure.


New loo

Resize of 06-20-2005 01 Rotation of Pungalina 6 070.JPG

The rather dark interior, showing floor; complete with rocket frogs

John and O had finished the kitchen shelves. They were really solid and strong and would make a huge difference to the efficiency of the kitchen operation.

John was now hand carving and finishing a big wooden bowl that could be used to set out the snack and lunch table fruit for guests. He decided to also make a couple of cheese platters for the tables.

The really exciting event of today was the mid-afternoon arrival of friend M. Her visit had been planned before we left home, and she had kept us occasionally informed of her progress northwards. Her letters had been interesting. We were expecting her today, having received a message that she had left Adels yesterday, intending to camp last night at Kingfisher Camp.

It was a relief when her Troopy finally trundled in. She had introduced herself to the group at the house, and O escorted her to the camp. She set up her camp near us, in Cane Toad Clearing.

It was so good to have a friend here, to show off the place to.

We had so much to talk about! M’s adventures on the way up here. How she was enjoying the free, nomadic life, now that she had finally retired and sold up her home. We told her all that had happened in the couple of months since we arrived.

Tonight’s was a special happy hour, with the three of us sitting out in the clearing, talking away and watching the sunset over the trees.

Resize of 06-09-2005 08 Cane Toad Clearing Sunset.JPG




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