This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels June 5

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Apart from the usual garden watering at the house, we stayed around the safari camp for the day, thus allowing O as much privacy as possible.

John did some raking of leaves and general work about the place. With the advent of the dry season now well upon us, he decided to rake up the mowed grass and debris from our Cane Toad Clearing, to reduce the fire risk. In the late afternoon, he burned off the raked heaps, knowing that the night time dew would ensure there was no danger from our fires.

Resize of 05-29-2005 01 Burnt Tree Study.JPG

Core of this tree hollowed out by termites, before it fell. They filled it with mud as they went.

I did some final tweaking of possible menus for the various bookings we knew were coming up.

Checked the guest tents to make sure that all was well in those and that no critter had decided to turn one into a home during the unused period.



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