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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels June 4

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Usual morning activities: gardens watering, checking that all seemed well about the place.

I took our washing up to do at the house, whilst there was no one there to be disturbed by it.

John went off to set yabby nets at the Squeaky Trees camp area on Karns Creek. He took the little old Daihatsu and our hand held CB radio, just in case we needed to contact each other, especially given that I was then on my own at the house.

Did my washing, hung it out and spent some time using the computer, whilst I waited for it to dry.

Eventually, I realized that John had been gone for a long time, even allowing for him to have been side tracked by something or other. I tried calling him on the CB radio – no response. Decided he probably had the thing turned off! I waited a while longer and tried the radio calls a few more times, by which time I was feeling a mix of frustrated, cross and anxious!

Decided I had better take Truck and see if I could find my way to the Squeaky Trees area, and look for him. I took the track across the camp creek, near the house and followed the most used-looking track. I hadn’t gone too far, when I saw John, trudging towards me. At least he was alive and, apparently, uninjured.

Resize of 06-04-2005 03 Vegetation June 2005.JPG

Bush by track. Vegetation still quite lush.

The story was that he had bogged the Daihatsu, when backing to turn it around. There were a lot of sandy patches at that camp area. He was cross because he had been calling me, on the CB, for ages, to come and help. After some “discussion” about whether I had been monitoring the radio, and whether he had been listening out for his, it was found that he did not have his hand piece correctly turned on!

We drove on to Squeaky Trees. John had walked quite a long way – several kms. I was not feeling sympathetic! We used our Truck winch to pull the Daihatsu out of the deep sand. Had to be careful not to bog Truck too.

We decided that was one little “adventure” that O did not need to know about.

Resize of 06-03-2005 01 Ding Guard.JPG

Daihatsu and ding. They spent a lot of time sitting on the roof of this.

O and friend returned in the late afternoon from the coast. Don’t know why they did not stay the two nights there, that had been planned. He brought back some fish in the cooler – it was a good replenishment of our fish supply.

Resize of 05-08-2005 06 Sunset May 2.JPG

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