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2005 Travels June 6

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John changed the oil in the camp generator.

This lived in an interesting structure, not far from our van. The walls – about shoulder height – were constructed from mud brick. The roof was a tarp. The door had been fashioned from bark slabs, attached to a frame.

John was somewhat disconcerted to find the shed skin of a snake on the floor beside the genset. He hoped it was a temporary resident at the time of the skin shedding. But obviously, we would now need to be aware, whenever dealing with the genset.

Resize of vlcsnap-2015-04-17-20h59m22s186.png

Generator house

O had asked if I could put on a lunch at the camp, before friend left again.

I set up the lunch table outside on the grass, in the shade.

Resize of vlcsnap-2015-09-23-20h55m44s102

I served gazpacho soup – chilled soup was so suitable for the warm days there. After that were plates of salad, hard boiled eggs, tinned ham. Then a platter of paw paw, and some cheese. We all ate together. She was very pleasant and easy to talk with. I think we all enjoyed the meal.

Later in the afternoon, I faxed the next truck orders to Mt Isa. These were big orders. Just after that truck delivery, we were expecting boss A’s arrival, with a full party of guests, so these orders would be the supplies for them. I was conscious of the need to make a great impression with them.

The Woolworths order ran to two pages on the computer spreadsheet that John had set up! It included items like dips, assorted cheese varieties, smoked salmon, 6 tubs of butter, 4 loaves of bread, after dinner mints, assorted dry biscuit packets, various types of Twinings tea bags, 18 bake-at-home dinner rolls, various tins of fruit.

The green grocery order was substantial, including 3 pineapples, 3 rockmelons, 2 honeydew melons, 6 dozen eggs, 5 kilos of onions, 10 kilos potatoes, 4 kilos tomatoes, ditto zucchini, 10 capsicums, 24 oranges, and so on.

After all that, went back to the camp and cleaned up after the lunch.

John had finished making a sign for the little beach area he’d named Red Claw Beach, due to the remnants of water monitor meals, and had put up the sign. it looked good.

Resize of 07-01-2005 red claw sign.JPG

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