This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels May 25

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I was able to get sneaker onto my sore foot, though it was still swollen and I could only just tie up the lace.

John planted out the baby paw paw plants that he’d dug up.

Resize of 05-25-2005 05 Paw Paws Starting.JPG

Newly planted rows of paw paws along the side fence

He had more of the shade frame up. The final stage of this, before the roofing went on, had been to run heavy wires the length of the structure, between the wooden beams, to provide fairly closely spaced support for the shade cloth.

Resize of 05-25-2005 01 Shade House Progress 3.JPG

Snake beans climbing vigorously up the tripod; corn behind that

The corn he had planted in the vegie garden, soon after we arrived, was growing well.

I faxed off the order to the Tennant Creek supermarket, for this week’s mail plane. It seemed a rather large order, given that we’d recently had supplies via truck. Included were items such as: 3 dozen eggs, 2 kg bacon, 1kg mixed grass seed, 5kg potatoes, 3kg tomatoes, lettuce, capsicums, cucumbers and the like. O added 3 large blocks of chocolate and a couple of packets of salted nuts.

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