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2005 Travels May 24

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By now, I had a fairly good idea of things needed for the camp. I faxed off a query to K Mart in Mt Isa to see if they had some of the things, as they should be the cheapest source.

I faxed off a list of items to wholesalers Curreys, in Townsville, for a quote. I would need to get this approved by A, before putting in a firm order.

John sent off an email to the wine company, advising them that their large cask liners had not been up to the task of withstanding our rough roads. He did this for information for them, mainly.

Resize of 05-25-2005 03 Shade House Progress 5

The vegie garden. Beyond the side fence, the land dropped away to the river. Small structure with green cloth was the bitch cage, complete with recently dug earth! Behind that was one of the pumpkin mounds

John had suggested to O that use be made of a lot of little self-sown paw paw plants, that were springing up around the camp perimeter. He thought they could be transplanted to grow along side the house garden fence, on the river side, where there was nothing else growing. Accordingly, he started digging trenches for them.

That would be more to water!

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