This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels May 23

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Two men arrived by vehicle, to camp. O took them down to the Fig Tree camp, on the Calvert. They were staying for two nights. He charged them $80 a night – $40 each. Given the lack of services or facilities, the camping charge was quite high, but – at this stage – he was not really wanting to encourage independent camping.

Resize of 04-24-2005 03 Fig Tree Revisited.JPG

Calvert River at Fig Tree Camp

While we were up at the house, watering the gardens, there was some noise from the dings, off in the creek gully that led down to the river. O investigated, and found that they had bailed up an old kangaroo. It was too infirm to defend itself against the three dogs and eventually O went and finished it off with the rifle. The dings really didn’t need it for food – was more that their opportunistic hunting instincts kicked in.

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