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2005 Travels May 26

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This was the order deadline day for the next supply truck from Mt Isa, but O did not want me to put in any orders for that. He planned to have L staying here about this time, so did not want having to go pick up from the truck to interfere with the visit. We did suggest that John could go out and do that, but O did not want that either. So, we would be relying on the mail plane for any needs, that were not frozen goods, or meat.

John received an email back from the wine company. They refunded the cost of the port, which we had not expected. Very good of them.

I spent much of the day sitting out at the end of the air strip, with great lengths of shade cloth spread around me, sewing the lengths into the dimensions required for the vegie garden roof. I used a big needle that O supplied, and fishing line. The dings kept me company, and supervised.

Resize of 05-26-2005 02 Shade Cloth Sewing and Guarded by Dings.JPG

Large scale sewing task! Dings supervising.

Resize of 05-26-2005 01 Ding Work.JPG

After I had finished that, we rolled it up and manhandled it around to one end of the vegie garden, ready to start putting up.

We managed to get part of the shade cloth roll up on to the framework, and fastened on. With only the two of us, and such a large and unwieldy roll of material, it was hard work. They were getting their money’s worth out of us!

Resize of 05-26-2005 04 Shade Cloth Going On 2.JPG

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