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2005 Travels May 3

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The nights were starting to cool down, a lot. Sleeping was much easier and more comfortable.

This morning was actually quite chilly, and the creek by the camp was steaming lightly, because the water was warmer than the surrounding air. It made a very pretty scene.

Resize of 05-03-2005 02 Steaming Creek - Safari Camp 2.JPG

Steam over the creek

Two men arrived yesterday, to camp in one of the riverside sites. Apparently O had them here to see if they wanted to lease some of the place for cattle. They were paying $50 a night for the site.

I actually hoped that there would be no more cattle introduced to the place. My personal preference was for wilderness. But I could see the logic of an extra source of income.

I cleaned and made up the tents that were used last week, with the clean linen, and got them ready to go again.

We were getting some beautiful sunsets. It had become a very pleasant ritual, after work was done for the day, to sit outside in Cane Toad Clearing, with our cans of beer, watching the birds in the trees about our camp, and admiring the sunsets. Totally unpolluted air, only natural sounds, solitude. Bliss!

Resize of 05-03-2005 03 Sunset.JPG

Sunset over Cane Toad Clearing

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