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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels May 2

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It was our day off.

I found a little frog with a very pointy nose, on a board beside the van wheel. O told me it was a Rocket Frog. Cute little critter.

Resize of 05-02-2005  I'm a Frog.JPG

I finally got to open and inspect my box of book goodies and was really pleasantly surprised. There were ten books, all to my taste and all recent releases that I hadn’t read. What a great service!

Paperwork and information had come from Birds Australia and we talked about what sites we would survey, and when. The camp environs were an obvious choice and we thought we’d have to try to add a wetland area as well, and incidental observations as we went about the place.

Just relaxed about camp – I started reading a book.

Resize of 04-29-2005 03 The Camp.JPG

Our camp looking more habitable

It was still hot in the day times, but not quite the extremes of when we were first here. Maybe we were acclimatizing, too.

O was setting up the computer in the “office” – a room in the old silver bullet caravan. A was insisting that this become functional to aid all our communications. I really needed it to research supplies. John gave him some help, when it was asked for.

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