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2005 Travels March 24

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Today was doing the final preparations for the coming Easter period – and hopefully, some business.

John helped clean up some of the Wet season fallen timber, down in the grove – getting it ready for those campers (without generators or dogs) who chose to camp down there.

Resize of 3-30-2005 bobcat in Grove.jpg

Using the bobcat to clear away some fallen timber by the creek

In anticipation of some demand, there was now a helicopter and pilot and sightseeing flights on offer at peak times. He flew in yesterday, and was parked at the side of the airstrip.

Resize of 3-30-2005 helicopter at Adels.jpg

It was supply truck day. There were no grapefruit in the order for me. Boss had ordered them, but the supplier noted that they were too poor quality to send. Fair enough.

The ice freezer in the shop had broken down. Much melted ice. Awful timing.

We had worked with whoever else was available and had managed to get all the B row DBB tents up, over the past few days. No C row as yet, but unlikely they would be needed yet, anyway. They were least in demand, being furthest away from the creek and the shade.

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