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2005 Travels March 25-29

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This was the Easter period.

Advance bookings had been poor for this period. Perhaps people had been waiting to see what the weather would do – especially with that cyclone scare earlier in the month. But then they came – in heaps, for DBB accommodation. All the hire tents were used. There were lots in the campground too.

Resize of 3-30-2005 Camp sites 4 and 5 Adels.jpg

Twp of the smaller campsites that overlooked the Grove

A lot of the visitors at that time of year were locals from Mt Isa and Cloncurry.

So, it turned out to be a very good start to the season.

I did quite a bit of kitchen hand work and assisting the boss with cooking. They did not as yet, have a cook appointed for the season. X refused to have anything at all to do with food or the kitchen. She really was too precious for words.

I was rostered on the tent housekeeping and laundry sometimes, too. All quite routine tasks for me, given the prior experience. It was very hot and airless working in the tents though, so not very pleasant.

John was rostered on the canoe hire at the National Park, across the whole period, which really pleased him.

Resize of 4-6-2005 Adels canoe damage from portage.jpg

Canoe damage caused by dragging canoes around Indarri Falls

There was a new Head Ranger at the National Park – a lady from down south. When John brought this news back, one afternoon, Y seemed most taken aback. Seemed he knew her from somewhere. From his reaction, we suspected there was some history there!

Resize of 3-19-2005 Creek swim hole Adels.jpg

The children’s swimming area

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