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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2005 Travels March 23

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It was a day off for us.

I read for a while – some magazines that were around – then wandered about, taking photos.

We watched birds. Saw a dollar bird – they were only here in the Wet season. We had put out a couple of bird drinking water containers and these brought the birds in close for us to observe while we sat outside the van. The bird life around here was so prolific and wonderful to watch.

Resize of 4-6-2005 robin Adels.jpg

White browed robin

Resize of 4-6-2005 great bower bird Adels 2.jpg

Great bower bird

Resize of 4-6-2005 honeyeater Adels.jpg

Yellow tinted honeyeater

The boss’ friends, J and J, in the next van, were really nice. They travel a lot and were also into birds. He’d fallen out of a canoe recently and drowned his binoculars and was waiting on new ones to arrive. Then they would be moving on.

It was mail plane day. We received a small bag of mail forwarded by the sitters.

Discovered that Truck would not start. Both batteries were flat. As they were only recently new, this was disconcerting and we had no idea why it happened. They seemed to recharge alright at the workshop, so we may have been lucky and not wrecked them. Bit of a worry, though.

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