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2004 Travels August 11

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Last night’s late arrivals left early this morning. Cheap free-loaders! Karma would catch up with them – somewhere, somehow……

There was no wind this morning. Most unusual.

There were plenty of birds around this camp. Wrens, butcher bird, zebra finches, mostly. A large egret came to fish, most days, in the pool in the inlet near our van. Sometimes it was joined by a grey heron.

It was lovely to sit outside the van, in the mornings, and just look out at the view – very serene, even if the wind was blowing.

Resize of 08-07-2004 02 Mesa Cape Range re exposure.JPG

Every day there was the morning routine, of those packing up to depart, and those who were queued at the gate, coming in just after 8am to pick sites. Some days, there was movement between sites, as we did.

Today, unusually, two sites remained empty after the morning rush. We had no radio or TV out there, but thought the weather report might be adverse, which could explain the lack of campers.

There were clouds building up – this could mean a really brilliant sunset, regardless of what comes next.

Resize of 08-11-2004 clouds mesa.jpg

Cloud building up….

Resize of 08-11-2004 clouds range.jpg

Clouds over the Cape Range

The ants were mounding up around their entrance holes, which was always an ominous sign!

Resize of 08-12-2004 01 Ant Rain indicator.JPG

Ant weather forecast

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