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2004 Travels August 10

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This was our 13th wedding anniversary.

We stayed at camp.

Resize of 08-04-2004 05 Mesa campground Cape Range NP.jpg

Mesa Camp from the beach

It was windy again, but that had dropped by evening.

After lunch, we went for a  long walk, right along the beach, past Neds Camp area. The sand was a bit soft, even at low tide, for really easy walking, but it was pleasant exercise anyway.

Resize of 08-07-2004 mesa camp beach.jpg

Sand, sea and reef

John had been spending a lot of time playing computer games. He would run the generator, after tea, to keep the batteries powered up, to charge the laptop through the inverter. He would then turn the genset off at 8.50pm – just before curfew. He then had some playing time left before the laptop closed down due to low battery power.

Tonight, a vehicle with a rooftop tent arrived about 10pm, and set up at the entrance to the campground. Naughty! We were the only campers awake to see it. They would have had an interesting drive from wherever, dodging all the kangaroos on the roads.

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