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2004 Travels August 12

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The morning dawned on a pleasant day, despite the ant activity.

We had a last walk on the beach. Walked right around past Neds again. Saw turtles bobbing up in the sea, to breathe and watched for them for ages.

Resize of 08-04-2004 c r sea.jpg

Looking back towards Mesa Camp from around near Neds Camp

Resize of 08-10-2004 the mesa at Mesa camp.jpg

The mesa at Mesa Camp

Back at camp, packed up the outside stuff. There was a little lizard under the Chescold fridge. I moved him to a bush.

Took the awning roof down.

We went and had a farewell drink with the campground hosts. They had been great – not obtrusive, but friendly. They kept the place really clean.

I think this system of campground hosts is a great one. The ones we have encountered are grey nomads like ourselves. Thus, they are sympathetic to what campers want. In return for their supervision and cleaning work – which do not take all that long – they get a free site in a great place.

Our eleven days of not doing much at Mesa had made us rested and relaxed – excellent place for that.

Resize of 08-07-2004 08 Cape Range dusk 1

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