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2004 Travels August 3

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It was still windy.

We drove back into Exmouth.

On the way, called into the Jurabi Turtle Centre, which aims to minimize people’s impacts on nesting turtles, through education and controlled access to viewing them. Nesting was over the summer months, so viewing them was not an issue for us at this time of year. We were very impressed with the Centre.

Now that we knew we were accommodated and could stay a while, it was time for some “extras”. We went to the Library. I was able to borrow twelve books – absolute bliss! John did a computer download.

Found a Kailis outlet in town and bought some red emperor. It was expensive, but I had always thought Kailis linked places were that. I did not buy any prawn meat, because it was $47 a kilo!

Bought bread rolls to take back to the van to fill for lunch.

After that, John fished off the beach. I went for a long walk along it.

Resize of 08-02-2004 tracks near mesa camp.jpg

Tracks in the beach at Mesa Camp

The van was in the full sun and the batteries were well charged by the solar system.

Resize of 08-02-2004 sunset from Mesa camp.jpg

Sunset at Mesa Camp

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