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2004 Travels August 4

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The wind dropped during the day, but came back at night.

There was great news for us this morning – we were able to move across to the “good side”. Very happy about that!

It was not too much hassle to move. We walked a lot of the camp stuff across. The biggest task was taking the awning down, then re-erecting it. But it was certainly worth the effort.

Resize of 08-04-2004 03 Mesa Camp Old Site.JPG

Our old site – empty

We were right on the end of the row there – Site 14. We had a view to the sea – distant, across a bit of a dry inlet. Could also see to the Cape Range behind the flat coastal strip.

Resize of 08-04-2004 04 Mesa Camp.JPG

On the new site – our van on the far right side

After that, had the usual sort of day – walking, fishing, reading.

I was not really tempted to swim here, despite the heat. I wasn’t sure about the currents – or the things that live in the sea!

The campground hosts caught a crayfish and had it out to show us. They were allowed to put out cray pots.

Resize of 08-03-2004 mesa lobster.jpg

Dinner for campground hosts

In our new site, at night, we could just hear the sound of the sea, to go to sleep by.

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