This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels July 6

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We did a food shop in the morning.

John bowled in the afternoon. His team won. He received a very big block of chocolate and was really pleased with himself. One of his allocated team members was very old a fragile and had to be helped about – he was really chuffed to be in the wining team. John felt good about that, too.

Drizzling rain set in about 5pm.

About that time, M and her friend K came round for a drink and a chat and stayed until 6.30pm. We firmed up the arrangements for meeting M in Karratha. They were making their way back to Perth now, where the hire car would be surrendered. K would fly back home to Melbourne – she had to go back to work. M would join us. She is “practising” for when she takes retirement, which might be at the end of this year.

Tried to do some packing up, despite the rain.

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