This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels July 5

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John’s face was still swollen and he was not feeling well.

We drove out to Miaboolya Beach, some 20kms from town, thinking to go for a walk along it, but when we got there, John did not feel up to it.

On the way back, we turned and drove through the plantation areas on the northern side of the river, crossed on the main road bridge, then came through the southern side plantations, to town.

Resize of 07-04-2004 06 Carnarvon Gascoyne River mouth.JPG

Gascoyne River mouth – and mud flats

John found a shop where he could do a download on his laptop. There was a notification that I’d won $78 in OzLotto. It must have been on 22 June – was my mum’s birthday.

Refuelled – $1.05cpl.

I phoned and booked us into a Karratha caravan park for Thursday to Saturday. I did not want to go back to the one where we spent a horrible, hot month in 2000, watching the Olympics, so decided to try a different one.

We spent some time talking with E and D at their van.

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