This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2004 Travels June 5

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After rather a late start, and breakfast, we drove into Geraldton. This was a place that had really grown, and was quite hard to navigate around.

A trip to the Information Centre was necessary – if only so I could get a detailed map to help get around the place!

Then it was to the Library, where John tried to access the Internet, but afte much fiddling around, couldn’t. He actually said I could try to borrow some books while waiting for him! The Library staff were very nice, and helpful, so I was able to borrow some novels. As I’d also been able to buy a Weekend Australian, would now have a lovely lot of reading matter.

We bought rolls to fill for lunch, then headed back to the van.

At the caravan park, the lovely, helpful, boss lady let John plug into her phone and access the Internet that way. He transferred the loan money to daughter.

After a late lunch, we walked down to the bar across the river mouth. It was pleasant walking along the road that runs beside the inlet – cottages on one side and the river on the other, and no traffic to speak of.

The sand barrier was a substantial one. We could walk right across it, so the river was fully blocked off.

John’s face seemed to be swelling up on the left side, in front of his ear and down the jaw line!

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