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2004 Travels June 4

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The day began with yet another text from daughter wanting to borrow more money, as her Centrelink payments had still not commenced. Not the best start to the day!

Packed up and headed north, cutting across to Highway 1.

At Muchea, took the Great Northern Highway through Bindoon and New Norcia. I had planned that we would be able to stop and look around at New Norcia, which we hadn’t managed to do on previous trips. But John was not in the mood and just wanted to keep driving.

The buildings of this small town – essentially a Benedictine community – looked really impressive, from what I could see as we drove through. I was really cross and disappointed at not being able to do even a cursory explore.

At Walebing, turned off the highway towards Moora. Until then, there had been a lot of truck traffic on the road, but now we were away from that.

Then it was through Mingenew and back to Highway 1 at Dongara. The roundabout route through New Norcia – which in the end was rather pointless – had added an unnecessary 80 odd kms to our trip.

John put in 30 litres of diesel at Moora – for $1.12cpl. We pulled onto the side of the road in the spread-out township and ate our sandwiches, stretched the legs by walking around the rig, had a cup of tea made from my thermos supplies.

We had decided to stay just south of Geraldton, at the Greenough Rivermouth Caravan Park, rather than in the more urban environments of Geraldton.

We were doing a tour of the WA Top Tourist Parks, it seemed! This one cost $16.80 a night, after discount.

As the name suggested, this park was almost by the beach, and close to the Greenough River, which was banked back by sand at the mouth to be fairly wide, just here. It was a pleasant environment, and the park looked adequate, although there were a goodly number of permanents.

It had been a long day. There was a headwind for most of the way. Squalls of rain had set in. It was a relief to be stopped for the day.

The caravan park office was also a bit of a general store, and they sold fish and chips – so that was our tea taken care of.

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